Woot! Woot! You better get ready because you're about to hit some amazing money goals  thanks to the Monthly Wealth Tracker flying into your inbox in the next 5 minutes. But…

If you feel the anxiety building up and just can't think about how you will ever make a budget work and you'd rather just "quit while your ahead" and not think about it: keep scrolling...

Take and seat and let's chat...

The last time you tried to “budget” it looked something like this.

✔ You get super excited and motivated about finally getting your money life in order.

✔ You sit down, fill out the pretty budget printable with all your expenses and when you look down at what you see it makes you anxious
✔You decide to put it aside because it is too hard and you're afraid you're going to do it all wrong and fail

It's not like you want this to happen.

You've read the books, signed up for the facebook groups, asked for the advice. You might as well be an expert at this point. You're currently on information overload.

But I am here to tell you it's not your fault.

You see those things weren't built for someone like us that don't need the fancy bells and whistles. You're not looking for hacks or complicated tricks. We just want to sit down, come up with a simple plan and execute it. And have a place to keep track of is all. 

Which is why you need a no frills easy to use Monthly Planner that covers the basics and gives you a solid place to start.

Let me share with you:

The Super Simple Budget Planner

The No Frills Budget Planner that will help you create a budget and stick to it.

The Super Simple Budget Planner has everything you need to set money goals, create a monthly budget and keep track of all your monthly expenses. No MBA required.

The Super Simple Budget Planner contains the following:


What's Inside?

  • 8.5” x 11” 60+ page PDF
  • Goal Setting & Saving Tracker Worksheets
  • Bill Tracker
  • Monthly Budget Tracker
  • Monthly Goal Setting Sheets
  • Undated monthly calendars to keep track of important dates
  • Easy to follow instructions that will guide you on how to fill in the blanks. No MBA required.

And because we are friends and I like to give you the first class treatment  you can get an extra 25% off by using the code SimpleMoney 25 at checkout. That means you get this for less than $10. 

Simple Budget Planner

*This is a digital download. Ipad not included.

Questions Smart People Ask

Not sure this planner is for you? Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

You will receive instant access to all the planner pages. You can download the PDF and print out the whole planner or whatever pages you prefer.

The planner is not dated and you can print out as many copies as you need for years to come. The planner does included calendars and goal sheets for each month that you can fill in for your convenience

That's the best part. You don't. You can print the planner in black and white which will save on having to buy those pesky color cartridges. We purposely kept the colors neutral for that reason.

Due to the nature of the digital download we do not offer refunds at this time. 

It's time to make your money work for you. Say goodbye to the anxiety and forget everything you've heard. Keep things simple and let's start working towards those money goals.

Don't forget to use code SimpleMoney 25 at checkout for an additional 25% off.