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Sundays in Brooklyn

Happy Tuesday!!! It is finally starting to cool down in NY. I hope. The last two weekends have been amazing (I am not really complaining) but I am so ready for cold and snow. Yes I said it. Kill me. I love the winter. So today I decided to share a little bit about me. […]

A weekend in montreal

I am a weekend warrior so I am always looking for cities to visit close to home. I cannot explain why it took me so long but I finally got a chance to spend a weekend in Montreal. It’s always been on my places to visit and my friends talk about it all the time […]

A Weekend in The Mountains

I am always looking for something to do and places to go. I drive my husband crazy since every weekend has to involve some kind of adventure. Whether it be a road trip or jumping on a plane to the west coast I have to make the best of my weekends. If you haven’t figured […]

The Island Life

The weather was amazing here in New York last weekend and being that there are only a few summer weekends left we decided to head out of the city and head out to Long Island. We spent both Saturday and Sunday on the beach in Fire Island. The weather was spectacular so we jumped in […]

I’ll take the two Piece

I love blogging and I love to post on Insta. But it could sometimes be exhausting  trying to keep up with it. This weekend I took a break from social media. I even took a break from my phone. And it was fabulous. Sometimes you need to put it down and just enjoy your life. […]


Summer in New York City is a beautiful thing. Well at least that is what everyone tells me. I personally prefer the Fall but I can appreciate a nice summer night. We try to spend as much time outdoors as we can in the summer because come winter we are not leaving the house for […]

Maxi Rompers

I am starting to think that I am starting to develop an obsessive personality. I tend to get fixated on things and I am not happy until have it. Sorta kinda like the maxi romper. It is my new obsession. I only have one because I am trying to exercise some restraint but every time […]

Livin la vida loca

So I used to live in Miami. Everyone asks me why did I leave. Well because New York City is home. But after over 10 years being back in New York it is nice to visit Miami as a tourist. I will blame Ricky Martin for my latest infatuation with Miami. Vente Pa’ Ca is […]

sonoma in 48 Hours Part II

Our second day in Sonoma started out with a morning mud bath. Haha. True story. DH was thrilled. I almost threw up because it was so hot. We drive up to Calistoga because I have been dying to try a mud bath. It was an experience. Not sure if the experience will repeat itself however […]

Sonoma in 48 hours Part I

What do you do when you have a $500 airline credit to burn? Well you book three weekend trips of course. This weekend I’m heading to Miami but a couple of weekends ago we spent an amazing 48 hours in Sonoma. We visited a total of 7 wineries over the weekend. (I was suffering come […]