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Winter White in the Hamptons

Every summer about half of New York City heads out to the Hamptons on Friday night for a weekend of fun in the sun. Not only is it expensive ($500 bucks a night for a motel room) but the traffic is horrendous (upwards of 5 hours depending on the time of day). You can take the train out there and avoid the traffic but I personally like the convenience of having my own car. You are probably wondering why I am talking about the Hamptons when it is snowing out. Don’t worry. I am getting to my point. 

A few weekends ago DH and I decided to spend our anniversary weekend in the Hamptons. It was a last minute trip but just to sum it up not only did we make it out to Southampton in under 90 minutes but we were able to find a hotel room for the night for around $100 bucks that put us about 5 minutes away from the wineries we were hoping to visit. 

**All photos were taken with my camera phone hence the quality**


Location: Wolffer Estates, Hamptons, NY
Outfit Details
Hat: Street Vendor. Similar here
Boots: Isabel Marant Dicker. Available here Similar here
Jeans: Uniqlo. Available here
Tshirt: Old Navy. Similar here
Sweater: Banana Republic. Similar here
Jacket: Uniqlo. Available here

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