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Wine Tasting In The Hudson Valley

A few months ago we took a drive up to the Hudson Valley for some wine tasting. Outside of the last couple of weeks or insane cold, the weather in NY has been delightful. I’m talking crisp fall sunny weather all day every day. I am enjoying every moment of it.

We started our day at Warwick where we did a tasting. I was pleasantly surprised. Although their wine is a lot sweeter than what I normally like, we actually enjoyed it enough to buy a bottle. This place is awesome because they have a little cafe that serves the best pizza. You can’t go wrong with pizza and wine. After eating we stayed for the one man band. It was pretty entertaining.

Our  next stop was Applewood winery. I wasn’t wildly impressed with their tasting however we bought a bottle of their harvest time which is served warm. It was perfect as the weather started to cool down. They also had a great band and were serving up grilled cheese so you know I was a very happy girl.

So what did I wear for this day trip? Well it was a surprise day trip so I had no idea what to wear but I went for something comfortable but cute. I of course had a pair of heels in my bag just in case. What would you wear for a surprise day trip?

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  1. I read your blog. It’s great, I never knew about Applewood Winery… Looks nice now I have a new place to check out. So thank you.

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