Poor In A Private Plane

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What does it mean to be Poor in a Private Plane? 

When I first started blogging I thought that I was going to write about fashion all the time.  I mean it is my obsession. I love to shop and I love to play dress up. Over the years my blogging started to evolve into fashion posts about traveling and fashion posts about what I was packing for a weekend getaway.  The more I posted about the places I was going or was getting ready to go the more people started to ask questions about how I could afford the time and the money to travel so much. As I started to share tips and tricks about how I keep up my lifestyle on a budget I wanted to write about it and here we are with Poor in a Private Plane. 

Living Poor in a Private Plane is not just about travel. It is about a lifestyle. Anyone who knows me knows that deep down inside I am not a money motivated person. I like to have nice things and nice experiences but I don’t necessarily think you need all the money in the world to do that. Yeah I wear Louboutins (that I got on sale) and travel to All Inclusive Resorts (using airline points), but it is not because I am rich. It is because I am creative.  With the launch of this new blog I hope to share a little bit about my lifestyle and how I manage it. This is not a fashion blog or a travel blog. This is a lifestyle blog. There will be posts about travel and fashion and shopping among other things.  Look at this as my online diary that I am choosing to share with all my readers.

I am looking forward to to sharing my experiences with everyone. 


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