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Summer in New York City is a beautiful thing. Well at least that is what everyone tells me. I personally prefer the Fall but I can appreciate a nice summer night. We try to spend as much time outdoors as we can in the summer because come winter we are not leaving the house for at least 9 months.  Living in New York City can be expensive but in Poor In A Private Plane fashion I have managed to figure out how to have date night for under $15 including food and wine.  Keep on reading to learn more. 
I posted about this before last year but one of my favorite things to do is watch movies outdoors in the summer. I try to go at least once a week. There are so many free movies in the parks all summer long so it has quickly become our “cheap” date night of choice.  Most recently I discovered movies on the Intrepid. Not only is it free but it was really cool  to watch a move on a ship’s flight deck.  I grabbed a bottle of Rosé from Trade Joe’s for under $6 and paired that with store bought chicken and a salad. Our meal including wine was about $15.  With beach chairs in tow we headed to the Intrepid for the perfect date night (along with 5 of our closest friends but I am  still counting it as date night). We all had a great time. If you live in New York City or are planning on visiting definitely check this out. It is a fun and “cheap” way to spend a summer evening. There is one week left to go for the Intrepid movies so if you haven’t been be sure to make it a point to go next week. If you don’t make it here is a list of other movies coming up for the rest of the summer.   See you around the city. 


Dress: H&M Old
Sandals: TJ Maxx No Brand Old
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  1. Taima,
    I’m from NY too! My personal favorite is NYC at Christmas time! I just don’t think it gets any better than that! I remember the smell of chestnuts from the street vendors! When I tell my kids about going to the Thanksgiving Day Parade when I was little, I always get all choked up. Great blog!

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