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Montego Bay, Jamaica Review Part I-Luxury Link

I am finally getting around to my pictures from my birthday vacay back in December. We had the opportunity to visit Secrets Wild Orchid in Montego Bay and it was absolutely amazing. I am working on putting together a review of the resort and will be sure to share that with everyone shortly. We had so much fun that I barely have any pictures to share. The best part of the trip though was the fact that we paid next to nothing for this trip. We got this trip for a steal via a site called Luxury Link. When it comes to travel I want to travel the world but I don’t want to pay for it. I also like to be spoiled so if I can get a five star resort for a 3 star price I am a happy camper. Between airline points and the amazing discount via Luxury Link we were able to score a 9 day stay for $1000 pp.  Depending on your budget that may sound like a lot however given that most people we met paid almost double what we paid for two people for the same resort I am of the opinion that this was an amazing deal. We took advantage of their concierge service which helped us to identify availability and extend our stay for longer than the 3 day trip that they were offering.  If you are interested in staying at a five star resort my recommendation is to shop around. I always check out sites like JetBlue and Expedia first.  That will give me starting point. Once I get an idea as to what I am dealing with that is when I get creative on google. Using the name of the resort you are looking for you can run a search for something like “secrets wild orchid deals” and that is how you can find sites such as Luxury Link that are offering very good deals. I have also had some luck on Tripadvisor as well. Not only does Tripadvisor provide great reviews of the properties but it also works as an aggregator and will give you the price from different websites.  Try these two tips next time you are looking to book a vacation and let me know whether or not you were able to save some money. 


Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
Top: Victoria’s Secret Available here
Bottom: Asos Available here

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