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It is time for another rant. Have I ever told you how much I HATE the summer. I think we talked about this last week. 🙂 I mean seriously. This whole 90 degree thing is not working out for me. I hate feeling hot. And as much as I love the beach and pool when I have to wake up and commute to work everyday when it is 98 degrees outside I am not a happy camper. I will complain all summer if you let me which makes me the only person that is secretly counting down the days to fall and winter. Yeah I know snow and cold and all that drama sucks. But I LOOOOOOVEE the cold. My favorite season is the fall or course but winter has its own charm. So in the meantime while I secretly count down the days until cooler temperatures arise I am going to try to keep it cool in florals and lose fitting dresses. What is your go to summer style? What is your favorite season? 
Outfit Details
Dress-Octavia. Similar here or here
Shoes- Ralph Lauren. Similar here
Earrings-Similar here


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