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I’m a cheap date

I am a cheap date. A few nights ago we  went out for dinner, wine and a movie all for under $10. You’re probably wondering how I pulled that off. Well pay attention people because we only have a month of summer left so you need to jump on this opportunity while you can.

What we did?

We went to see the Big Short in Hudson River Park. If you live in or near New York City check this out because there are tons of free movies all summer long. All you need is a blanket, some food and drink and you’re good to go.

Photo Credit: Time Out NY
What we ate?

The night before the move I made taco pasta salad. The recipe is available here and it was recommended by a friend. Since I made it the night before I left out the avocado and cheese. It was perfect for a movie in the park. The pasta salad cost me about 5 bucks to make in total. I halved the recipe which gave me enough leftovers for a few lunches throughout the week so if you are only counting what we actually ate it would be about $2.50 however I still paid $5.00 for all the ingredients.
What we drank?

Wine of course. I stopped at Trader Joe’s over the weekend and found a $5.00 bottle of Contadino Pinot Grigio that hit the spot.

So let’s do some math: 

Movie in the Park : Free
Pasta Salad: $5.00
Bottle of Wine: $5.00
Grand Total: $10.00
Do you have any cheap date ideas to share?


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