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Dallas Food Tour

You are probably wondering what a bull has to do with food. Well it really doesn’t. I just like the picture. We had the opportunity to spend a long weekend in Dallas and we spent the better part of our time eating. I love food and the food was soooo good.  Our first stop was a place featured on Food Paradise for having the best bacon. Next time you are in Dallas stop by The All Good Cafe for breakfast. Not only was breakfast budget friendly but it was sooo good.  Who doesn’t love bacon. 
After breakfast we decided to do some sightseeing to build up an appetite for our next stop. This is where the bulls come in. I think we were just trying to kill time and not be greedy. After going to the very first Neiman Marcus (and walking out empty handed) we decided it was time for lunch. 
For lunch we decided to go to the Pecan Lodge which has been voted best barbecue and I 100% agree.  We had brisket, ribs, pulled pork and macaroni and cheese of course. I could not stop eating. I did not want to stop eating. It was the most amazing barbecue in the world. My mouth is watering just thinking about it right now. 
After taking a nap (slipping into a food coma) we ventured back out for some Mexican Food at Pepe’s and Mito’s. The dish to get is the Sopa de Albondiga (Meatball Soup). It was yummy. Way better than my entree to be honest.  By that point I think we were all foodied out.  Let’s just say I have been on a bit of a food break since that day in Dallas.  Have you been to Dallas? What are your favorite restaurants to visit while there? 
**All photos taken with my camera phone hence the quality**
Location: Dallas, Texas
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