The things I gave up to travel the world

I am not ready to quit my job to travel the world.  I am not ready to sacrifice everything to travel the world. While there are a ton of articles and blog posts about how to save money for travel. How to start a vacation fund. How to pinch pennies. Let’s be realistic. It is […]

A weekend guide to south beach

48 Hours in Miami

Miami is always a good idea. Especially a weekend in South Beach, Miami. I recently was playing travel roulette when I found a cheap ticket to Miami. I course jumped at the opportunity because a quick getaway to Miami is never a bad idea. Scoring a cheap ticket is the easy part but where are […]

Travel Roulette using Google Flights

It’s been cold in New York. And I am not the person to complain but I really needed a break. Some people spend their free time reading, playing candy crush (is that still a thing) or watching NetFlix. I like to spend my time playing travel roulette. I decided to play a bit of travel […]