Sundays in Brooklyn

Happy Tuesday!!! It is finally starting to cool down in NY. I hope. The last two weekends have been amazing (I am not really complaining) but I am so ready for cold and snow. Yes I said it. Kill me. I love the winter. So today I decided to share a little bit about me. […]

Maxi Rompers

I am starting to think that I am starting to develop an obsessive personality. I tend to get fixated on things and I am not happy until have it. Sorta kinda like the maxi romper. It is my new obsession. I only have one because I am trying to exercise some restraint but every time […]

Rosé and Rooftops

We are midway through the Summer and what better way to spend it than sipping rosé on a rooftop. I have been obsessed with dry rosé for a while now and am always disappointed when I go out and all I can get is a White Zinfandel (I’m not knocking it. I just don’t like […]