A Day Trip From San Francisco- Hiking Muir Woods

A Day trip From San Francisco: Hiking Muir Woods

If you are looking for a day trip from San Francisco going hiking in Muir Woods is high on my list. With over 6 miles of hiking trails and located approximately 17 miles from San Francisco it is the perfect destination when looking for an escape from the city. Named a National Monument in 1908,  […]


The things I gave up to travel the world

I am not ready to quit my job to travel the world.  I am not ready to sacrifice everything to travel the world. While there are a ton of articles and blog posts about how to save money for travel. How to start a vacation fund. How to pinch pennies. Let’s be realistic. It is […]

Glamping in New York City at Camp Rockaway

Glamping in New York City: Camp Rockaway

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun is out. And we are on our way to our next adventure. However, we are not in a plane or in a car. We are on the NYC Ferry headed to Camp Rockaway. What is Camp Rockaway Camp Rockaway, located in Jacob Riis Park in the Rockaways is […]